About Us

Centennial School is governed by Lehigh University and the College of Education, with funding through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Located in Bethlehem, PA, Centennial pursues two principal missions:

  1. Serving children and youth with educational disabilities
  2. Preparing high quality teachers to enter the workforce of special education.

As a Special Education Day School

Centennial School is licensed to provide educational services to students ages 6 through 21 with an educational classification of the following:

  • Emotional Disturbance
  • Autism (ages 6-12; upper limit entry age of 12)


Children and youth are referred to the Centennial School from any of 40 local school districts and intermediate units from the surrounding area. 
Services include:

  • Special adaptations and modifications to general education curriculum
  • Speech and language
  • Physical education and adapted physical education
  • Transition services
  • Vocational Training

As a Laboratory School

Centennial School is affiliated with the Lehigh University College of Education. As a lab school, a goal of Centennial is to prepare high quality special education teachers to enter the workforce in Pennsylvania and other states across the country. We do this by bridging the gap between theory and practice, contributing to the overall training of graduate students in Special Education.
In addition to their coursework, Centennial graduate students receive an additional two-hours of on-site training every week on topics specific to the education of children and youth with emotional disturbance and autism. The workshops are usually presented by professional staff who work at the school and on occasion from one of Centennial School's outstanding cadre of professional consultants: Dr's. Lee Kern, and George White from Lehigh University.

We believe that our training program is one of the best in the country. We prepare some of the best-qualified, most technically proficient teachers in special education.

How did we arrive at that conclusion?

Our consumers told us so! Over the past four years, 100% of our graduate trainees acquired positions related to the field of education, some as far away as Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii and Oregon. 


The school operates a total of 180 school days during the year, beginning in August and dismissing in June, and serves nearly 100 students each year.