Quick Facts

1. Centennial School of Lehigh University pursues two principal missions: serves children and youth with educational disabilities and prepares high quality special education teachers.

2.Centennial School is special education day school licensed to serve students, ages 6 through 21, classified under the Individual with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA-04) as emotionally disturbed and children ages 6 through 12 classified as autistic.

3. Centennial Schools serves local school districts and Intermediate Units in the Lehigh Valley and supplies educational services to approximately 100 students and their families every year.

4. Centennial School is funded through the Pennsylvania Department of Education and governed by Lehigh University.

5.  For the past 15 years, 100% of the graduate students who worked at Centennial School have successfully acquired employment, mostly in Pennsylvania but some as far away as Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, and Virginia.

6. Centennial School works with students having emotional and behavioral disabilities without the routine use of seclusion and physical restraint.

7. Over the past ten years, Centennial faculty has presented over 150 papers at state, regional, and national and international professional conferences.

8. Centennial School operates a Technical Assistance Program that offers an array of consultative services to school districts, charter schools and private schools.

9. Centennial has been acknowledged for its effective practices by the American Institutes of Research, Washington, DC., designated as a School of Excellence by the National Association of Special Education Teachers, recognized for its work with challenging youth without the use of aversive interventions by the National Disability Rights Networks, and featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, ABC Nightline with Brian Ross as well as CNN.

10. 93% of the transitions returning students to public schools have been successful over the past 3 years.