Centennial School maintains Middle States Status as an Accredited School

Saturday, December 29, 2012

After a thorough review of Centennial's Mid-Term Report, The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools has determined that Centennial School continues to meet the Middle States Standards for Accreditation and that it is faithfully living up to its commitment to the Accreditation for Growth Standards.

The review also indicated that the data submitted by Centennial School shows evidence of satisfactory progress in the implementation of its Action Plans and toward achieving its approved accreditation objectives.
Congratulations goes to Centennial School's on-site Middle States Accreditation Committee and its co-chairs Caitlin Lyons and Katie Herczeg and all the members of the three subcommittees whose diligence, hard work and ongoing commitment to excellence over the years has contributed to maintenance of Centennial School's status as an Accredited School.