Referral Process

What to Include for a Complete Student Referral Packet:

  • Cover letter stating the need for placement
  • A recent Re-Evaluation Report with a functional behavioral assessment that indicates the need for a restrictive placement including a behavioral programming component
  • A recent IEP that indicates behaviors of concern and a Positive Behavior Individual Support Plan addressing students’ needs

Referral Process:

  • Paper screening completed by Centennial program coordinator
  • An observation may be conducted in student’s current educational environment
  • A tour may be arranged with families and/or student
  • Upon reviewing information as an Intake Committee, an intake meeting will be set up through the district
  • Intake participants must include a district representative (LEA), the student, and at least one family member
  • After receiving the Intake paperwork from the family and the sending school district, the Intake Committee will meet within one week to determine acceptance into the program
  • A letter of acceptance will be sent to the district
  • The program coordinator will inform the district of a potential start date to set up transportation
  • Prior to the student’s first day, the district must provide a NOREP stating Centennial School as the placement and the original health and immunization records
  • LEA sends a copy of the 4010 application

For particular questions, please contact: